Zoe Guru



Zoe Guru Women Empowerment Organisation is women based organisation with the ambition of empowering and improving the lives of South African women by searching, creating and optimizing new opportunities in the workplace. Furthermore, we realise that it is not that the women of this age are incapable to be radicals but, that they lack knowledge, resources, identity and the drive to achieve in life.

Zoe Guru’s specific focus is to develop and build the capacity of women leaders within the marketplace, whilst considering all restraints believed to prohibit their potential. We achieve this by aligning them with direction, mentorship, premiership development, entrepreneurship and stability.

Zoe Guru WEO makes it a point to unleash a woman’s potential by dealing with all inequities, thus instilling confidence and the “I Can Achieve It” attitude This organization has a vision of raising distinct women leaders of substance, and of great influence who fear and reverence the Lord in all their doing both in the workplace and in their lives as a whole. This is achieved through personal interactional coaching, and has no limits to age but an essence of practicality and pragmatism.