Women in Leadership

This article is inspired by a woman that I will not mention her name but I have seen her use a tactic I would call “undercover uplifter”. I have not spent time with or known her that much but this became a ubiquitous persona of hers and it echoes to those that pay courtesy to her.
An undercover uplifteris a person who believes in empowering, training, teaching and encouraging others seeking neither public recognition nor gratitude for it. This person delights on the success of her mentees.

Benevolence and benignancy are traits that women are born with and if nurtured in the right environment they become dominant and imperative for business, politics, leadership, organisational development  and domestic needs. I have discovered that these are mostly are character traits of  women; not that I am expressing that view as a feminist but I have been fairly exposed to make this a valid hands-on discovery.

Women have become the targets of the social economy structures; an inordinate amount of attention is paid to a frivolous observation than their strength and experience. It appears that the acceptable scripts for women in powerful roles are still rigidly defined and easy to violate-by being too “pushy’ or too ‘soft”, too “strident” or too accommodating, too sexless or too sexual. It seems all too easy for women leaders to run afoul of their constituents or their colleagues by deviating from the narrowly-defined set of behaviors in which cultural femininity overlaps with leadership.


The following are responses that women receive in leadership positions:

1. Women in leadership roles elicit different responses to men.

2. Women are expected to lead and be compassionate simultaneously.

3. People do not easily listen to or take directives from women as comfortably as from men.

4. Women who promote themselves and their abilities often reap disapproval from others.

5. Women require more external validation than do men in some contexts.
We all have heard about what is stated above in one way or the other and sadly some have experienced it first hand, but I am weary of all the special treatment given to women for ascending echelons of leadership without merit. Once women are given position because of their gender, it makes them feel incompetent and not capable to lead.


Women are equal to men not by strength do not get me wrong but we are exposed equally to the same academics, information ,opportunities and training and therefore that should not make us different in those contexts.


The main emphasis about this article is that women have some hidden leadership gifts have not even touched/tapped neither exercised yet such as:

·    The ability of building a leader from the stage of an infant.

·   The capability of being the inspiration behind that future leader’s dreams

·   The ability to expose the potential leader to the right environment to explore and nurture     leadership capacity.

·   The gift of being an “undercover uplifter”.
I believe in empowering women to unleash their hidden leadership gifts. These gifts are their innate attributes that comes without any formal training. Women can influence and impact the world without being autocratic but by influencing little steps that conveys an undeniable truth to live very large footprints.