Vision, Mission & Values

Vision Statement


  • To be a Hub of Distinction In Crafting Generational Leaders


Mission Statement


Tiisetso Leadership Foundation (TLF)Intends to Develop a Distinct Generation of Informed, Insightful and Inspired Leaders Through:


  • Personal Leadership Coaching Programmes
  • Organisational Leadership Development Programmes
  • Leadership Seminars, Workshops and Conferences




  • Trustworthy : We are transparent and Trustworthy in all our interactions;
  • Integrity : We uphold a high level of Integrity in all we do and say;
  • Ignite  : We connect and Ignite great minds to craft authentic ideas;
  • Serve  : We Serve our clients with absolute diligence and humility;
  • Educate : We Educate and train generational leaders;
  • Time : We value Time for the attainment of set goals and targets;
  • Support  : We provide trailblazers with professional Support to assist them to achieve their dreams; and
  • Orchestrate : We Orchestrate workshops, seminars and conferences to share informative leadership conversations.