Tiisetso Leadership Foundation (TLF) is a dynamic leadership hub that crafts generational leaders for different spheres of life. TLF was founded in 2009 with the intention of closing critically widening leadership gap in our generation.

Tiisetso is a Sesotho word which means perseverance. Perseverance is one of the most imperative attributes that every leader needs to stay focused on their novel and altruistic vision. The depth of a leader’s perseverance determines his/her ability to remain steadfast despite eminent challenges and impediments.We believe that every person was born with a certain degree of leadership potential for contributing in his/her generation. However, many people have not tapped into their leadership potential and abilities due to lack of access to leadership coaching and mentoring.

We unearth leadership potential through excellent Personal Leadership Coaching, Organisational Leadership Coaching, Business Leadership Coaching, Leadership Seminars, Leadership Workshops, Leadership Conferences and Leadership Development Resources.

We have unshaking commitment to Discover, Develop and Deploy the God-given potential within people and organisations so that they can make a momentous impact in our generation and for future generations