Golden Leaders Coaching

What is Golden Leaders Coaching

Golden Leaders Coaching is a thought provoking leadership platform that is created to facilitate authentic networkamongst young entrepreneurs and philanthropists. The primary intention of this programme is to inspire entrepreneurs and philanthropists to create sustainable solutions to the challenges we are facing in Africa, to recognise leadership potential, to share success stories experiences for growing lasting organisations and businesses and to celebrate innovative leadership and entrepreneurship ideas.


Key Focus Areas of the Golden Leaders Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Entrepreneurship Coaching


When Does Golden Leaders Conversation Take Place

Golden Leaders Coaching will take place once every year to bring together a large number of young people to share their experiences, success stories and challenges regarding leadership and entrepreneurship matters. A number of leading industry experts are invited as the speakers to address and advice on diverse subjects such as organisational branding, dynamics of leadership, nuts and bolts of financial management, business formalisation, effective coaching and other subjects.


Who Is The Target of Golden Leaders Coaching Session

  • Established, Emerging and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.
  • Established, Emerging and Aspiring Philanthropists.
  • Established, Emerging and Aspiring Organisations.
  • Established, Emerging and Aspiring Leaders.


How Can You Participate

Golden Leaders Coaching Session is an open platform that allows everyoneto attend and benefit from the thought provoking and action propelling ideas from the renowned speakers that often grace this session. If you will like to attend this session you can contact us on