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Faith Matilo

Kutlwano Faith Matilo, originally from Potchefstroom, is a 21 year old Bcom LLB student at the University of Pretoria, who believes she is born to serve her generation. She started Eva Beauty Women to address many issues that affect women through her motivational speaking at seminars and her inspirational breakfasts she hosts for young women. She believes that its time for women to rise up and not only possess opportunities but make opportunities too.


She also strongly holds that education is the key to many doors; therefore she motivates learners through one to one mentoring and her main goal being that she wants to see young people getting rid of the “ek soek werk” mentality, taking on the job creator mentality instead.


“I discovered that living selflessly is more rewarding, I am a happy woman” – K F Matilo


Email address              Faithmatilo@evabeautywomen.com,
Twitter handle             @FaithKutlwano on twitter
Please go to www.evabeautywomen.com to see all the projects she is in that you can get involved in.

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