Equipped to Equip

What is Equipped to Equip (E2E)


Equipped to Equip organisational leadership developmentprogrammeis the programme established to equip leaders that are aiming at addressing critical national challenges such as Rural Development, Women Empowerment, Education and Entrepreneurship.


The purpose of this programme is to equip aspiring and emerging young leaders with authentic leadership tools that will enable them to translate their ideas into reality and to build sustainable life-changing organisations. E2E is a platform to encourageIntellectual, Interactive, Innovative, Insightful and Inspirationalleadership conversations that will address pragmatic strategies for translating any idea into reality.


What Are the Objectives of E2E


  • To equip young leaders and entrepreneurs with fundamental leadership tools;
  • To mentor and coach young leaders and entrepreneurs for building sustainable enterprises;
  • To create a leadership learning reference group; and
  • To equip emerging leaders with up-to-date leadership tools and support their respective growth through networking and knowledge sharing.


Who Is The Targeted Audience


Equipped to Equip Organisational Leadership Development programme is aimed to equip leaders who are in a journey of translating their ideas into enterprises, organizations, programmes into realities.


  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Social Entrepreneurs;
  • Women
  • Non-Governmental Organisations; and
  • Young Professionals.


What is Our Equipping Approach


In order to provide a broader spectrum of learning preferences, as well as to ensure that learning and applications are optimised, a variety of approachesare used in equipping leaders. These will include the following approaches:


  • Well-structured lessons with specific outcomes;
  • Invited presentations/lecturers from prominent business leaders;
  • Individual and group presentations on a number of subjects and projects;
  • Co-learning through sharing of organisational experiences; and
  • Tailor-madeOne-on-OneCoaching sessionsand selected Team Coaching sessions.


Structure of Our Sessions


The E2E hosts three (3) equipping and highly thought provoking sessions that addresses practical and relevant organisational development concepts. The sessions will be as follows:


  • Summer Session [Introduction to Fundamentals of Leadership and Strategy]
  • Winter Session[Organisational Positioning]
  • Spring Session[Organisational Sustainability]


Thesesessions will seek to encourage participants to reflect on their potential and will serve as a platform to provide sound leadership knowledge and build leadership confidence.


Can E2E Be Hosted in Your Province or Country


Equipped to Equip Sessions can be hosted in any province and country in Africa. If you are interested to have Equipped to Equip Session hosted in your Province or Country you can contact the Administration Manager of Tiisetso Leadership Foundation on info@tiisetsoleadership.co.za