The Need For The Quality Education Among Young People  

by Ruth Hlulani Baloyi

I still remember how the SONA speech few days after president Cyril Ramaphosa’s inauguration made me feel, a speech that came right at the time when I had so many questions about the wellbeing of my own country, from the noise around corruption to having to be reminded  of the realities of the unemployment rate that our country is facing, to even receiving that inbox from some of my peers that says “Please help with any internship opportunities you know about”, one couldn’t help but feel helpless at times. His speech came and somehow restored hope that was slowly fading away.


He referred to this year as a year of change, in his own word he said “In a year of change, in a year of renewal, in a year of hope” he went on to speak about how “the new dawn is upon us” and like many people I was excited, I somehow looked forward to tomorrow with a sense of renewal, my mind was renewed. This was until I sat down to really question what a new dawn meant for black South African youths, did the new dawn that the president spoke about mean that the young people in our black communities are suddenly empowered to be contributors of our economy and the development of our country? Did it mean that our young people would be magically empowered to become visible subjects to opportunities that required a certain level of skills and knowledge? And the answers to these questions I had was not as exciting as the President speech was. “We should put all the negativity that has dogged our county behind us because a new dawn is upon and a wonderful dawn has arrived” He added.


During this Q&A session with myself one question I asked that stuck with me was, what are we then to do in this new dawn? and the answer was that we need to be in a position where we are really sober about our youth empowerment. Education remains one of the tools that we need to hold hands in making sure that it is accessible to even the most remote areas of our nation. Quality Education remains one of the greatest factors to empower our people to be leaders that tomorrow is waiting for.


The truth is quality education capable of bringing about empowered society depends on collective efforts from government, individuals, organizations and etc. We are the help our youth are waiting for. With all this in mind, Tiisetso Leadership Foundation has vowed to hold hands with all the available young professionals to bring about sessions that will solely focus on education empowerment for our communities. This is through understanding that for one to access a certain field, they need a certain level of education and understanding of that field and for our black community, there is a need to work extra harder to achieve this. Again with the president’s own words We know that there is still a lot that divided us, we are divided by history, race, by where we live, and by gender”With all these divisions, our young people are dependent fully on any kind of help they can get to lead them to the right path.


As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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