One thing that moves nations, good or bad, is the caliber of the people who are in-front. Leadership really is about those who are conceptually ‘in-front’. In effect, they ‘physically’ might be in-front, in the middle or at the back, leading from each point at different times due function, requirement and intuition. However they actually are ‘in-front’.

Think of it, being in-front, talks to two of some the most critical pillars in leadership:

  1. Vision: Clarity of sight of the horizon and the ability to chart a way into the landscape you see
  2. Influence: The opportunity to have the platform to give direction to people’s aspirations and also take them on a journey to reach their aspirations

Let me delve into this by talking to Clarity of Sight, Charting a Way, Platform and Taking the Journey in four separate parts in the following articles. I however wish to introduce each one today.


  • Clarity of Sight

A leader is an individual who has the ability to clearly single out what currently is and the impact therefore. They are able to discern undertones of that being said or done and see through to read what also is not. They have the knack of not having their perspective blurred, with the capacity to describe the terrain with certainty, at times from only seeing the partial horizon. Is this a skill? Oh most certainly. This takes practice of many years of failing to correctly see and interpret what you see, lessons of how not to and how best to have clear sight.


  • Charting a Way

How philosophical is the definition of leadership? Well before you are in the middle of leadership, it is. When you are in the middle of it, then you see that what others call theory, though intangible, is actually a living science, fluid in nature. It is practically implementable.

Very much like charting the way. At times a leader charts away into terrain that people do not even see, nor can picture. But based on the visual the leader has, he is able to confidently say ‘We need to go there!’ What is important is that the leader must have the conviction of what he sees. To a leader what is in-front of him is not a mirage, but a tangible destination that he leads everyone to.


  • Platform

What is the platform? This is the level or stage on which others identify this individual as being on/at, different from the one they are. The level or stage needs to define this individual as being superior in qualities, which will ensure that he is able to take them out of their current situation more successfully than they can on their own. This can be courage, motivation, grace, strength, foresight, integrity, etc. It is what others see which they do not possess or they possess in such a small measure that this individual once they can put that out there, it will allow them as followers to have greater confidence to move with this individual.


  • The journey

With this platform for the leader, the leader is now expected to now move people on a journey to the destination. Critical is the leader’s capacity to now utilise all three areas mentioned to gather momentum and continue until the collective reaches the destination, the journey. It is effected by a rousing call and sustained by encouragement. A leader therefore has the depth to initiate the commencement of movement from one point and to see that this movement accomplishes the ultimate goal of landing on the targeted point.

Very exciting elements above and it will be a great pleasure to get into the meat of each one, greater understanding and real examples. What is the intention with this above. It is to have you thinking, asking: what does this mean and how does it relate to me.

I would love to hear from you on this. So may I invite you to be in touch via Facebook (Mohau Molefe). Inbox me on your thoughts.

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