The Reasons You Need An Image Consultant

The Reasons You Need An Image Consultant


by Ruth Moloi

The world is a global village and It does not matter which part of the world you come from, the fact remains that at some point in your life you will need to interact with other people .it might not only be people you grew up with or people from the same culture, religion , social club etc.

Unfortunately you will always be judged by the way you conduct yourself. In a matter of seconds you can either portray a positive or negative image about yourself especially within your social space. You need to be aware of how you speak, take care of your dress code, manage the tone of your voice and control your behaviour.

Keeping social and Business etiquette in key in order to keep long lasting relationships with business partners, colleagues, acquaintances etc. but all that depends on your knowledge as far as issues of Etiquette are concerned meaning everyone should start investing in acquiring customized knowledge on how to keep a positive image.

Dozens of people do take the steps of going to salons, buying new clothes, weight management programs, cosmetic surgery and going on a diet. However it serves you no good to go shopping for clothes when you do not know your body shape and your under tone color and going for a hairstyle that does not suit your face shape.


Image consultants are equipped in assisting you in the following:

Communication Skills

We communicate on daily basis, via telephone, e-mails, cell-phones, spoken words and body language which is one of the greatest elements of visual communication. Mis-communication can display a negative message either than the message intended, so how you communicate plays a big role in your image.

Image consultants are then trained in assisting you improve your communication skills. Communication consist 7% of your words, 38% consists of the tone of your voice and 55% consists is body language. Learn presentation skills and speaking with high sense of clarity.

Dressing the Part

Clothing can either make you look good or make you look bad based on how you dressed for your particular body shape, there are various body shapes that need to be considered before shopping for clothes and it is so unfortunate that most people do not know that. As a result we have people who own beautiful clothes but not for their body style.

Image Consultants are trained to analyze your body shape and assist you in creating a correct choice of clothing, if needs be they can also do your shopping. Remember when you dressed good you feel good and when you feel good you produce good results.

Color Coding (wardrobe consulting)

Often times we get compliments when we wear certain color of clothing and some days we get comments such as “Are you ok?” You don’t look fine today” when you are actually feeling on top of the world. This simply means the color of clothing you wearing does not suit you.Image Consultants are trained to determine which colors suit you best through a technique called draping system.

Make-up Training

21st century woman enhance their beauty on daily bases and applying make-up in one on the methods used to enhance, but applying make-up incorrectly can also defeat the purpose of enhancing. Image consultants are trained to teach you on applying make-up professionally for yourself on daily basis. Remember Make-up is not meant to change your complexion.

Table Etiquette

There is nothing frustrating like being invited to a five course meal and in front of you there are more than 2 glasses and more than one fork and you are not sure which utensils to useand for which meal?, When to eat and how to eat. Table etiquettes are very important especially if you travel a lot and you are a business person.

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