Being a woman is just a gender if we don’t understand why God created us and placed us on this earth, being a woman goes beyond our looks, the fashion trends and all the things that we indulge in but it’s in finding the reason why we exist. It is in knowing your purpose and why you are born specifically at a time such as this. Woman you need to understand that the reason you are on this earth is to change, affect, and challenge the economy and the standards of this world, the kind of women who will be trailblazers, trendsetters and life changer.


Women are life givers; they bring solutions to dead and hopeless situations. There is an unusual kind of power that God put in a woman, the ability to nurture and mould a life. She possesses the kind of beauty that is woven in the inside and is revealed on the outside, her heart is attached to Gods heart, and she is a giver of good things and doesn’t seek to be praised. She is a pillar of strength; her shoulders are made to be so broad and strong to be able to carry the burdens of others without groaning. Her eyes are made with such sensitivity that when she looks at others they are able to find importance and feel loved without her uttering a word. Her arms are a refuge to those that are hurting and broken, just lying in her bosom makes fear disappear. God made her spirit to be gentle and quite, a spirit that is one with His and the kind of spirit that reflects Him in all she does.


The philosophies of this world raises young girls to regret who God created them to be, the young girls grow to become grown up women that loathe being women because of lack of knowledge the society turns to look down on the vital role that women play in our societies.


We need to go back to the initial plan God had when creating a Woman and fully understand why He created these beings? When we read the bible it fully states that God said in; Genesis 2v 18; And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet for him. God’s plan for creating a woman was not to make her greater or lesser to a man but it was to fulfil the Master plan of God, the creation of a woman was to perfect the plan of God on earth and in a man’s life. She is a Helper, the only comparable candidate that was identified for the job by the Sovereign Lord. For a long time the society has come up with their culture to define who a woman is but God is redefining our purpose and existence in this life according to His plan.


I am reminded of the Daughters of Zelophehad. Numbers 27: 1-11; Then came the daughters of Zelophehad the son of Hepher, the son of Gilead, the son of Machir, the son of Manasseh, from the families of Manasseh the son of Joseph; and these were the names of his daughters: Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah. And they stood before Moses, before Eleazar the priest, and before the leaders and all the congregation, by the doorway of the tabernacle of meeting, saying: “Our father died in the wilderness; but he was not in the company of those who gathered together against the Lord, in company with Korah, but he died in his own sin; and he had no sons. Why should the name of our father be removed from among his family because he had no son? Give us a possession among our father’s brothers.”So Moses brought their case before the Lord. And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: “The daughters of Zelophehad speak what is right; you shall surely give them a possession of inheritance among their father’s brothers, and cause the inheritance of their father to pass to them. And you shall speak to the children of Israel, saying: ‘If a man dies and has no son, then you shall cause his inheritance to pass to his daughter. If he has no daughter, then you shall give his inheritance to his brothers. 10 If he has no brothers, then you shall give his inheritance to his father’s brothers. 11 And if his father has no brothers, then you shall give his inheritance to the relative closest to him in his family, and he shall possess.


These young women knew who they were and who they belonged to, they challenged the systems of that time, they refused to take a back sit and be victims of a system that would leave them disinherited,and they knew their worth.In Moses’ times women were considered as weak/ disadvantaged beings but these daughters knew the great God that dwelled within them, they saw themselves not according to their gender but they understood their purpose according to God’s definition. These Women stood up and fought for what was rightfully theirs, they understood the heavenly principles that if God is for us who can be against us (Romans 8v31).


“Women are the centre of Gods heart, His love for us is demonstrated in our creation. The way a woman is created it shows how skilful and artistic God was. He took His precious time to create us”.


How many times as women do we give up on our dreams and visions all because of hindrances we meet along the way? How many times are we robbed of our inheritance (Joy, Peace, Ambitions, our gifts and purposes) all because we are women? Just like the Daughters of Zelophehad you have convinced yourself that it is too late for you to make it and become everything God designed and destined you to be all because of a failed career, marriage or that business? You failed in ministry and you allowed that to spell the end of you. God is saying RISE UP, you’re too highly favoured to look down on yourself like this, yes you have fail but God is sending a Heavenly Rescue Team to turn your mess into a message (MESS-AGE). Heaven has come to your aid, God allowed that relationship or marriage to fail not because he wanted to destroy you but to show you the greater Woman within you, to reveal the woman in you that you have never taken the opportunity to explore nor give a chance for her to surface and take the world by storm, the woman he designed you to be.


The kind of a women who are like the daughters of Zelophehad, like Deborah, Ruth, Elizabeth and Mary. This indeed was not meant to kill you but to awaken the Queen within You. You need to realise that Queens don’t stay in ashes but dwells in radiant beauty. A Queen is always dressed with a garment of Royalty because of her Stature, her crown symbolises her position, a queen can never walk with her face bowed down because of the crown on her head.There is a great woman living in the inside of you, I don’t care what lies the devil has told you, hear this only God is able to show you who you are and ignite the power he invested within you. The world has to accept who we are, we are no longer going to apologise for being Gods own. We are not going to sit back and wander why we exist because we are His. We are the heirs of Salvation, the Daughters of the Most High.


We were designed original with an original purpose. We are free to be everything God created us to be, we are no longer bound by the terms and conditions of this world. We are the kind of women that are no longer going to debate with the enemy but we know ourselves and we shall live to the full potential of our design. We have every right to be who our Father says we are. We claim it with boldness and faith, WE ARE HIS OWN. He knows and recognises us. You may look at yourself in the mirror and say I am messed up but know this your mess doesn’t put Jesus in a panic mode; he will see you through the mess and turn it around.


He will rescue you through it all. You will carry this baby (your purpose) to full term you won’t miscarry nor give birth to a still born because the great I AM has spoken over your seed (Destiny). There is power in the name of Jesus, to break every chain.Woman of God you are more than your shape, you are more than your clothes, you are more than what you drive and the title you hold, in you is buried the seed of life. God purposed that in you should come forth a generation that will fear and reverence Him. A seed that shall bruise the head of the enemy. Genesis 4v25.You were not created to live a life of apologising for being a woman, your womanhood is a precious gift from God, we need to realise this truth that we didn’t choose ourselves but we were chosen. You were created to be a solution in these crucial times. In your womb lies a seed that is going to change and challenge the systems of this world. Genesis 4v25 There is no need for you to compete with a man because your calling is not that but to complement him in all the areas of his life (as a Helpmeet), you are in a race and your mark is to live behind a baton for the future generations. What kind of baton will you leave behind Woman of God? What legacy would you leave behind?


“You are unstoppable; you are too loaded with purpose to be offloaded by anyone”.

Woman of Destiny take your rightful position, you have been waiting too long on God now He is waiting on you, get into his divine plan for your life. Become the great woman he crafted you to be. Allow God to awaken the Queen within you, Fight to stay alive that is why Jesus died on the cross, it was that you may live and not die. He had your wellbeing in mind.


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