The Finisher

The finisher by Koketso Molaolwe


At the end of a long unsuccessful and fruitless day, when things did not go as you had anticipated despite the effort you put in,  a great new idea can come and revive optimism in you and galvanizes you to move on to something better. In the middle of a seemingly unproductive brainstorming session, where the team just seem not to be winning, a new idea can refresh the team and inspire them to tackle new ventures.


When the business idea which you have been working on for a while seem to have hit a dead end and it doesn’t seem so great anymore, a new great idea can make you feel like you are back on top of your game. The fact is, new ideas are inspiring, they bring new energy, raise the levels of belief and enthusiasm, they makes one feel like they are on top of their game. They often make us believe that there is nothing that cannot be achieved; later reality hits, you are back where you started-long unsuccessful, unproductive days, fruitless brainstorming sessions and failing business ventures. Most of the time the great idea pops up conveniently when the going gets tough, making it easier for us to go for the new idea and harder for us to finish what we started.


Joe entered 4000m run championship which was his long-time dream; he prepared for it every day for two years, sacrificed time with friends, late nights, junk food and playing games. The day of the race came and he was ready, he went through the first 1000m with ease, the second 1000m was not as easy but he managed, the 3rd 1000m was a bit harder but he was determined to win so he pushed through, then there was the last 1000m, the race started getting harder and looking more impossible to finish. Joe started looking around to check if his competitors are still pushing on, they all looked like they are not going to make it, and he thought “MAYBE IT CANNOT BE DONE”.


While doing so he saw a long jumper warming up and thought, “I CAN DO THAT, IT IS EVEN EASIER THAN THIS”. Out of nowhere Joe was rolling on the ground and everyone passing him, he lost a step while looking at the jumper; he realised that all he had worked for, for the past two years was wasted.


Many of us are like Joe when the race gets a little tough, we look around to validate our excuses why it cannot be done, and we use other people’s failures as reason to abort our dreams, not achieve our goals and settle for less. At some point even the most inspiring goal will bring challenges with it, especially if it’s a big goal. That great idea hits a few dead ends, and such a time calls for you to put more energy, to focus more on the goal, remind yourself of the outcome, do an audit of the work you have already put in and keep on pushing. At the end of the day the world doesn’t reward the most talented, highly gifted or the one who started big, but the winner is the Finisher.

The winner is he who kept to his goal every time while facing failure in the eye, pushing through with determination and passion until the task at hand is finished. The greater the idea the more it demands from us and the greater the reward; only if we are willing to push through hard seasons. To become the finishers we should be willing to do today what others won’t do, so that we can live tomorrow like others can’t. stop looking around, focus on the road ahead of you, you might not be where you want to be but for the fact that it is harder, it’s a sign that you are not where you use to be, winning is within your grasp. It is great to be the initiator, the talented or the gifted, but it is awesome and more significant to be the winner-the Finisher.


The second mistake Joe got trapped in was thinking of something new as a way of escaping his own goal, because things were not easy. New ideas, great as they might be at time, can be very disruptive, they can sometimes bring more harm. The deception in digression is that, you are moving, but the problem is in what direction are you moving. A great idea that emerges conveniently when things are tough in your quest to finish is to be avoided and stored for a later time. Putting your energy on one thing and seeing it to the finish is greater than having countless great unfinished tasks.



Before you jump off to the next “better” idea:

  • Write down why you thought the current idea was worth working on for the past duration.
  • Write down 5 success factors on the current idea and those of the new idea
  • Write down 5 key challenges with the current idea
  • Write down 5 possible challenges with the new idea
  • What is the difference?


Every passing day has a night, every year has its winter and summer seasons and every successful idea have its history of failure. The goal you are working on, the dream you are pursuing and the task you are assigned to do needs you to give it a chance, focus on it, feed it, polish it, review it, restructure it, reengage it, change your strategy, reinforce your resources whatever you do, finish it.


I am sure as you are reading this: a goal, dream or task is coming to your head, you are asking yourself what happened to that dream; you ask yourself why you are not winning but talented, gifted and wise. You have a lot of great ideas and nothing to show for it. Are you such a person? Well my friend don’t despair any longer make a resolute today, now. Focus on what is on your table until it is successfully finished; and make a habit of completing tasks and become the Finisher.





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