EDUCATION – the heart of it all

EDUCATION – the heart of it all by Mr Lehlohonolo Maleka


Many folks are fooled by statements that declare South Africa to be a free country without realising that a person can truly be free if he is set free mentally. The most powerful weapon to free you from mental slavery is education. Not only will it free you mentally, but it will also transport you from poverty and injustices to greener pastures. Education is the heart of it all. Everything on the universe depends on it. Whether it is success, freedom, knowledge, information, fulfilling a purpose, etc., they are all centralised around education. Education plays a vital role in a person’s life. We are who we are today and have accomplished what we have accomplished because of education.


Little or lack of education is very dangerous. It is the most perilous weapon by which individuals and societies are destroyed. Many folks have not realised their dreams or unleashed their potential as yet because of little or lack of education. Knowledge is the source of wisdom.


Education, in simple terms, can be defined as a systematic way of acquiring knowledge through interaction and experiences with objects and/or people around us. Knowledge comes in many ways, inter alia; it comes through formal education, informal education and/or non-formal education. Our understanding of things around us is constantly shaped and moulded by knowledge we receive from interacting with people and objects around us.


South Africa is faced with a generation that suffer from a ferocious disease called “lack of interest for education”, yet that wants to make it in this life. Many folks, especially the youth, don’t understand the impact education has upon their lives and the country as a whole. Hence, they don’t take it seriously.  They are resorting to alternative “shortcuts” to get what they want in life. However, these shortcuts always catch up with them.


There are many causes that contribute towards this ferocious disease, some are well known while others are out of ordinary. The lack of ability is not the cause as one would think. Sarcastically, most people who have lost interest are often those who have ability. But their interest may diminish due to one, or a combination of the following factors:


ü  Lack of vision for life (or purpose)

ü  Lack of inspiration (no academically civilised role models)

ü  Impatience

ü  Lack of funding

ü  High rate of unemployment


I will not dwell much on these causes. The ability to overcome this disease can separate you from many who have not yet realised their dreams and/or goals. Here is a simple prescription with which you can cure this ferocious disease:


Redefine your purpose


“If a man has not found something he will die for, he is not fit to live”

– Martin Luther King Jr.


Many people do not realise their worth on the surface of earth and the role they can play in making our world a better to stay. They only think selfishly unto themselves without realising the gap they can fill. Many have not discovered, while others have forgotten the main reason for their existence. We are the proceeds of our forefathers and the benefits and/or shortcomings we have are the results of the role they played in the past.

Redefining your purpose will definitely help you realise that you need education as a means to fulfilling your purpose in life.


Look at the bigger picture


“Education is the means by which people are prepared for the creation of their own particular civilisation, and the advancement and glory of their own race”                           – Marcus Garvey –


Education is the best weapon by which any person can be developed to become a better person. Education is a transport by which you are able to realise and fulfil our purpose.

One long lasting benefit of education is that you may be down but you can never be out. Knowledge gives you wisdom. With wisdom on your side, you can still bounce back no matter how many times you are thrown down. Through knowledge you are informed that everything around you can be used to take you into your destiny.


It is possible, just take a decision and push your way through


Obstacles and mountains before you always tempt you into thinking it is not possible to succeed through education. But it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that knowledge, whichever way it comes, is a powerful tool by which we rise to greater heights in life. Education helps you to make informed decisions by which the probability of your success is enhanced.

I believe an individual should take a responsibility for the development and advancement of his life. Take a decision about what you want to achieve in your life and no matter how tough the circumstances may be, push your way through. Knowing what you want gives you motivation and inspiration to fight for it amidst challenging circumstances.


In conclusion, it is worth noting that education is the best weapon by which you can destroy any obstacle and achieve whatsoever you want. It is the transport to take you from “I CAN’T” to “I CAN”. Education informs you, helps you realise and fulfil your purpose and helps make your dreams come true. It helps you make informed decisions which mould you into what you want to be in future. Lack of knowledge makes you bitter, but knowledge makes you better.

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