WOMAN YOU ARE GREAT     By Nokukhanya


A woman is a creation

After all was made and named the Woman then Became

The last touch of Gods brilliance

A creation that displayed a true perfecting hand of the Almighty

Without which no one can ever imagine

A WOMAN is from a man

She is, the completion of a Man, She complements a Man

Wooo Man she’s great.


She is a Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Topaz Aquamarine and Peridot of this world

She is precious

She glows with joy, Her smile brightens up a dull day

She beams with a light that confronts every plight

Her presence makes all wrongs right

She has an incomprehensible power to make things happen

Her presence leaves the rest, rest assured

She is, but just amazing


She is the red rose that protrudes in the wilderness

The sight of a Woman brings hope, but,

Somehow you’ll never truly understand her and sometime you’ve got to quit trying to

Because she smiles when she cries inside

At times she cries when she smiling inside

And she says all is well when it is not

Because in her fragile heart there is always a niche of hope

She never gives up on her conviction


She keeps quite when she wants to scream her lungs out

At times she burst out loud when all that is needed is the stillness of her voice

When she sheds a tear, Magic appears

She cares more than you’ll ever know, because words cannot explain

She loves more than you‘ll ever imagine, because no vision will ever be sufficient

She lies awake at night searching for answers, because she’s a Woman,

She wakes up with a smile on her face with a brand new solution

A new beginning, new hope, fresh start and the rest is history

Wooo Man she’s great


Treasure her, treat her, love here, care for her, embrace her for that is all she needs to make her day.

She is the red rose that protrudes in the wilderness

The sight of a Woman brings hope.

Wooo Man She’s great