Beyond Four Walls of the Church

By Excellent Ngwenya (Chief Managing Officer, Bohlale Market
Place Christian Network)


The meaning and worth of the church has been condensed to pulpit ministry where there is only one main person who is the pastor. The essence of the church is not about driving an elegant car to a four walled church and listening to an exciting and eloquent pulpit message. Indubitably, the death of the Christ is worth more than halleluiah shouting and hand clapping thousands of believers in a four walled church. There is a need of reformation in the local church, body of Christ even  in our minds that our gifts cannot be limited to the four walls of the church.


The visions of many Christians are limited to the four walls of the church and this has to be changed.

Here are the gleanings you need  to know about the four walls of the church:
The four walls are too small to hold God.
The four walls limits your faith.
Many Christians feel if they don’t serve God in the four walls that they are not pleasing God  and this is not true.
Many Christians look down on other Christians who don’t serve within the four walls. This is the spirit of Cain the murder.
Gifts are not limited to the pulpit ministry.


The government of the church which is the five-fold ministry (i.e. the apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors) are not supposed to do the work of ministry but to equip every believer to do the work of ministry.
The challenge we have today is that large percentage of the work of the ministry is done by the five-fold ministers. However, this is not God’s will and order will for the Church.


The church lacks so much so much because a large percentage of the believers are not fulfilled in their local churches. As a result, they are church hopping trying to find a place where their gifts will be developed and freely utilised in the church and especially beyond four walls of the church.


For example, the use of the prophetic gifting in the local churches is not utilised according to 1Corinthians 14 pattern, which is God’s true order of the prophetic gift in the local church. If  believers can freely operate in this gift in the local church, it will be easier for them to exercise it beyond the four walls of the church which is in the marketplace.


The church is not called to operate primarily within the four walls of the church. However, there are people that are gifted operate in the marketplace. We need to recognise, properly position and develop the gifts that are around us without discouraging and bringing doubt in their lives. Anyone that has a gift or calling, also has the anointing to produce the fruit attached to the gift even beyond the four walls of the church.


It is very imperative to state that the marketplace Christians and businesspersons can be as spiritual as those that are called to operate within the four walls of the church. In addition, marketplace Christian’s primary role is not to make money for support the vision of those “in the ministry.” The ministry of marketplace Christians is in the marketplace meaning that their ministry is their business or work.


In conclusion there is a need to teach the church that that some are called to serve in the four walls of the church but some are called to serve in the marketplace. The marketplace ministers are more efficient,  effective and productive in the marketplace. Their calling is of God and from time to time they also need a pat on the shoulder to do the work of ministry outside the four walls of the church.



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