An Increase of Intergrity Scarcity

An Increase Of Integrity Scarcity

Author: Mr. Herman Mashaya


In this day and age there are many that have emerged as leaders, whether in religious circles, politics or in business. However, we have seen leadership positions being abused and those who are being led exploited. Leaders have become more focused on their own agendas and sinister motives rather than developing a generation of young leaders that will carry on with the baton of leadership. Many have built empires for their name’s sake; many have become modern day legends in their own eyes and in the eyes of the yes men that they have surrounded themselves with; many have exalted themselves far above measure.

They drive fast cars, live in expensive mansions and lead a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. They make it a point to be seen in all the social gatherings, spending and flashing all the wealth and riches that they have acquired; some illicitly so. Girls and expensive drinks are the order of the day or in this case the order of the night.

Are our leaders really looking out for us, do they really have our best interest at heart? Whether we are referring to leaders in the corporate world, leaders in government or a leader in the religious sect, are the people that we have installed in positions of leadership really looking out for us and do they really have the desire to see us succeed and being the best that we can be or are we just slaves in a different era? These are the questions that I ask myself, questions that plague me.


When I see the deficiencies in leadership and the paucity of leaders with integrity in our generation, I cannot but feel a sense irritation to say the least. There is a desperate need for leaders with integrity to rise up. Leaders that will put others first and have their best interest at heart. Leaders that genuinely seek to develop others to reach their full potential and to be the best that they can be. Leaders that want to see their communities grow to become better areas and to see their people progressing in life. Leaders that are willing to give their all for the betterment of others and to live a life
sold out to serving as opposed to being served.

Our current leadership style is that of tyranny and dictatorship, characterized by greed and selfishness. We desperately require a paradigm shift in the area of leadership. Tiisetso Leadership Foundation (TLF) has recognized that there is a famine in the area of Leadership not only in South Africa but in Africa as well. It is necessary to invent strategic initiatives such as this foundation in order to identify, recognise, develop, equip and release leaders of integrity in our generation.

It’s not just about seminar or workshops, but imparting a gift of servitude into heart and a spirits ready to live a poured out life for the sake of others. I believe that such a generation is arising and will continue to perpetuate the purposes of God in this dispensation. We thank God that there are men of vision and men of foresight that have seen the defects in our time and have felt the need to make ready and prepare a group of leaders that will not compromise or sell their birthright for a pot of soup, men that have heard the cry of this nation and have heeded the call to restore that which our previous leaders have lost, integrity in leadership.


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