Procrastination is the Cruel Silent Killer

Written by Modise Moloi


Procrastination is not just a thief of time but is the cruel and silent crusher of great dreams and opportunities. It is also one of the major reasons countless people are forever depressed and forever regretting in life. There are so many people that are singing an impossible song called “If I Was Able to Turn the Hands of Time”.

Procrastination is defined as a behaviour in which an individual leaves a feasible, important deed planned beforehand to another time without any sensible reason. How many people are waiting for the closing date when submitting job applications, bursary or even tender applications? This may lead to detrimental results such as depression, low self-esteem, guilt, loss of money and trust from others. There are several reasons we find ourselves harassed, humiliated and annihilated by this cruel silent killer yearly or even daily. I will discuss only two reasons this silent killer continues to be a victor against so many people from different walks of life.


1.   Underestimating the task at hand

Many people fail to clearly estimate the required time and resources for exceptionally completing some tasks or projects. There are some tasks that look very simple to complete within a very short space of time but they need one to pay attention to finer details. It is not all about completing a project but doing it exceptionally well. If you don’t complete the project in time you do not have to review, improve, innovate on the project. At times being familiar with doing certain things makes people to be complacent about some tasks at the expense of excellence. Even if you are used to doing something, don’t underestimate it because you may miss just miss one thing which will cost you money, reputation and reputation even money.


2.   Little Laziness

It is so true that most of the people procrastinate due to nothing else but because of little laziness. It is very important to know that time and opportunity knows no one. The challenge that many young people are facing is a little laziness when some work has to be completed in time. This is a dangerous feeling that can lead to poverty. In Sesotho they say “Ha Ho Kgomo Ya Boroko” meaning that no one will pay you for sleeping. If we want to achieve great success we need to be enemies with little laziness. The consequences of little laziness are very detrimental to creativity, innovation and excellence.


Simple Principles of Defending Yourself Against Procrastination

This cruel silent killer has to be arrested and be locked behind the bars once and for all. Here are some of the simple principles that can be used against this killer of dreams and opportunities:

· Stay very focused on your priority projects and assignments.

· Say NO to some of the requests from other people.

· Develop a personal strategic plan.

· Monitor your progress regularly.

· Remind yourself by creating reminders on your phone or laptop.

· Stay away from friends and technology that destruct you from your major tasks.

· Do not pile the little tasks that are supposed to be done today for tomorrow.


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