Mentoring the Young Generation

The Significance of Mentoring for the Young Generation

The core concern of Tiisetso Leadership Foundation (TLF) is the  growing leadership gap between the young, established leaders and entrepreneurs. South African entrepreneurs, politicians and graduates to mention a few are faced with this leadership gap to the extent that even a blind person can see it and the deaf person can hear it due to the lack of mentoring.

Mentoring is a personal enhancement strategy through which one person facilitates the development of another by sharing known resources, expertise, values, skills, perspectives and proficiencies. It is one of the greatest strategies in passing the baton to the next generation and narrowing the widening leadership gap. Mentoring has been used for centuries as a means of learning and passing on the wisdom of experience to the next generation.

The people that have been mentored often achieve better results than the ones who have not been mentored. Steven Scott in his book called Mentored by a Millionaire succinctly puts it “People become super achievers with the help of their mentors, which is the fast way, or they learn through a painful process of trying and failing, until they get it right which is a slow way.” The benefits of having a mentor are a wealth of practical experience, extended networks and encouragement.



A wealth of leadership and entrepreneurship experience is often logged in the lives of people who have been tried and tested in their journey to success. Experience is not simply acquired from theories of leadership and entrepreneurship but through a practical journey. Thus, experienced leaders have a wealth of knowledge to share with the young generation in order to avoid the microwave thinking about success. A mentoring relationship facilitates a practical learning process that provides a protégé an opportunity to learn practical processes towards prosperity.


Extended Network

I often love to mention that “we are standing on the shoulders of the giants”. In other words some of our achievements are as a result of the mentors and coached that helped us. It is very crucial to be associated with a mentor that has  an authentic leadership and business networks. Many young and talented leaders or entrepreneurs have not realised their potential due to lack of reputable commendation  from their  mentors or  from people that have been in the leadership and business world. The lifetime gift that a mentor can give a protégé is to advise and  publicly affirm him/her. A word of a mentor about a mentee has a potential to open more business opportunities for them. 



In as much as young people are encouraged to venture into business or become entrepreneurs,  the truth has to be told that there are challenges in business and leadership. Some of the challenges relate to backstabbing, rejection, destructive criticism and the list goes on and on. In order to survive this, one needs an internal motivation to be the basis. However, the external motivation or encouragement from a tried and tested mentor has a golden touch in accelerating your passion to press on towards the core goal.



It is very pertinent in this age and era that young leaders and entrepreneurs should have mentors so as to benefit from the mentor’s experience, extended networks and encouragements. It is a wise thing to learn from the people who have been through a particular process before they achieved their success. There is much to learn from a mentoring relationship whether formal or informal. Having a mentor often enables one mentee to achieve great success far more quickly.


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