Embracing Media in Leadership

Embracing media in leadership by Solomon Izang Ashoms

The great American President, John. F Kennedy said “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” A good leader must equally be a good learner, the two are like twins and the moment one isn’t supporting the other, it creates a genesis of one’s demise.

In South Africa, there’s a need for new and old leaders to embrace the media as a tool for effective leadership and thought sharing. Leaders need to stop looking at the media (traditional and social media) as another platform you have to learn but another medium of improving your practice of leadership and promoting a worldview, products and services.

Also, the media keeps leaders in touch with trends, changes and innovations. A lot of major and global trends happen through the media and when a leader is media savvy, he “goes with the flow” and will always be ahead of his peers.

The media gives a leader the opportunity to influence the thinking of others also. Media, being the number one mind moulder and influencer in the world carries enormous influence over the minds, thoughts and actions of people. And if leaders would embrace and see those opportunities, they would easily sell their products and services and also win others to their way of thinking.

Social media arrival in the last 10 years has changed the media landscape. A lot of business deals, relationships, networking and contacts are made via the social media – facebook, twitter, linkedIn, you tube etc. What an opportunity for the current crop of leaders to lead with certain strains involved like telephone calls, meeting face to face, fax etc. Media advancement has given our generation a huge opportunity to increase our sphere of influence and lead effectively.

I am aware of a lot of businesses that only operate via the social media network, and they are thriving. And even as a leader in a government corporation, in politics, non – governmental organisation or leading your own business, the social media is an extra country with a population that is ready for the taking.

Prominent political, business and entertainment leaders like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Kanye West etc enhance their brands and influence via the media effectively.

Finally, neglecting and not embracing the media as a leader is like setting yourself up for extinction. The quicker a leader embraces the media world the better his chances of longevity.



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