What is Campus Leaders Conversations

Campus Leaders Conversations are intended to build and develop a generation of responsible student leaders that can lead a positive change in Higher Education Sector and make a meaningful contribution in our communities at large. This programme’s focus is on awakening and unlocking leadership potential within individual students and to equip them with necessary leadership resources and skills to be responsible citizens.

Why Campus Leaders Conversations

In the wake of various leadership challenges that we constantly face, it goes without saying that there’s a need to develop and equip burgeoning leaders. Campus Leaders Conversations seek to provide and facilitate an open platform for students to engage and empower one another regarding dynamics of student governance. The core vision of this programme is to assist students to realise their unlimited leadership potential, discover their innate passion and to equip them so that they can make meaningful difference in their campuses and communities.

What Are the Activities of Campus Leaders Conversations

In partnership with the student’s structures at various Institutions of Higher Education, Tiisetso Leadership Foundation will lead and facilitate Campus Leaders Conversations. Tiisetso Leadership Foundation will employ the following activities to facilitate conversations:

Leadership Seminars;
Leadership Workshops;
Personal Leadership Coaching Sessions; and
Committees Coaching Programmes; and

Who Is The Target of Campus Leaders Conversations

Tiisetso Leadership Foundation believes that all of us are leaders and followers simultaneously. In addition we all have a leadership responsibility in different spheres of life.

Religious Structures;
Political Structures;
Women Empowerment Structures;
Peer Counselling Structures;
Students Representative Councils; and
Individual Student.

How Can You Get Involved

Campus Leaders Conversations are aimed to be conducted in all 23 public Higher Education Institutions and the Further Education Trainings. Any structure that is interested to partner with Tiisetso Leadership Foundation to host this session can contact us on info@tiisetsoleadership.co.za